Monday, September 8, 2008

What is a good blog

A good blog consists of originality. If looking for a blog on hockey topics you don't want to sift through common articles to find something unique. Anyone can put forth a google search in order to come up with general statistics but for example in order to have a hockey blog be successful it must be creative and maybe personal. Find what you truly like about hockey and write about it. Make sure your writing about something not commonly found on or Write about your experience with hockey and what you would like to read from other hockey bloggers. Always keep the reaction of others in your mind. Whether a good or bad reaction, it must be a significant one in order to catch ones attention.

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Liz Davis said...

Originality is a great goal, but not easy to achieve. It is hard in the blogosphere to find something that no one else has thought of. I encourage you to try.

It is definitely important to always think about your readership. We will be working on building an audience for your blog. You will want to keep them in mind as we go forward.

There was one other part to this assignment - you were to choose 2 good blog posts, link to them, and explain what you liked about them.

Jim Dornberg said...

Write about what you really LOVE and are passionate about and the originality will happen. The best blogs I have read contain more than just facts and figures-- their authors are truly "big thinkers." You can tell they spend a lot of time reading, thinking, reflecting, and then finally writing. The best of the best make it look easy!